Skip Bin Hire Website Solutions

Skip Bin Hire Companies

It wasn’t long ago that we started seeing skip bin hire companies start up all around Australia, then start going online to conduct business awareness. It seems that the more skip bin hire companies out there, the harder the competition is. And this is true, online, the competition to rank well in Google for the skip bin industry is really hard to do. There are so many factors involved with this ranking. Ideally you should be striving to be within the first 3 pages of Google.

Google SEO, Skip Bin Hire and You

Google, SEO and You. How to rank well for skip bin HireIf you manage it well with a good dose of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), then the results can make the difference between “Make or Break” of online business. The key factor in this is knowing your market, knowing the areas you wish to cover and knowing your skip bin hire competitors strategies. Google has updated the new algorithm for the search engines called Google Panda. Panda has really cracked down on the article farms as most of the content out there are copied content, or better known as duplicate content. It is so crucial to have well written content now on your home page as well as your other pages within your site. Google bots and Google spiders will find your copied content and then report back to Google, thus you will be pinged with this content as duplicate. I shall go into great lengths in SEO, Panda updates and how to perform better soon.

What do we do that can help you as a Skip Bin Hire company?

Right off the bat, we specialise in building skipbin hire websites. not only do we build skip bin hire websites, but we offer a better solution to take orders online with a simple cart. We have purpose designed a well used shopping cart that is updated monthly, and turned it into a well oiled machine that can take orders for skip bins of all types of waste. Our solution is of the most comprehensive and well thought out shopping system, and this comes from 2 years developing the correct solution for this niche market of skip bin hire online.

Rubbish, Junk, Recyclable, Garden Waste…. the list goes on.

We have broken this into the most used categories for skip bin hire of Green Waste, General Waste, Mixed Waste, Scrap Steel, Soil and Dirt, Builders Waste and Clean Fill. Once your client chooses a category of waste, they will then be prompted for the size bin that you allow for that type of waste.

Simple 3 step skip bin hire ordering system is what every returning customer wants.Step 3 of the 3 simple step process.

The final steps of ordering are really where the magic starts to happen on the back end, your customers will love you for the simplicity of such an easy online skip bin hire ordering solution, they will turn into returning customers. This is what is the most important factor, having your happy customers come back, time after time.

2m Skip Bin, 4m Skip Bin, 6m Skip Bin, 9m…. and this list goes on.

It does not matter which skip bins you have, and which skip bins you have not. We have compiled 3D images of the skip bins, ready for the final touch of adding your logo’s to them. Once we have your online Skip Bins labeled with your Logo, you will now have crisp clean images of skip bins on your shopping cart without having to worry about taking photos at the right time of the day, or not being able to take nice clean photo’s. Not everyone is a good photographer. Thus we have already created our very own white label 3D bins ready for your own site.

Solutions for every aspect of your Skip Bin Hire Business

  • Purpose built skip bin hire shopping cart
  • Simple online ordering (As simple as 1-2-3)
  • Automated Delivery Dockets sent to your email on your phone and computer
  • Automated invoicing send directly to the client after checkout is complete
  • Online order management with an easy to use administration dashboard
  • Product reports to see which bins and waste type perform the best during the week, month and year
  • Sales reports that you can filter
  • Tax reports that you can export to CSV for your tax office (He/she will love you for it)
  • Secure payments are made online, the money goes directly into your account
  • COD can be configured into the checkout process

This list above is really a small portion of what your new skip bin hire website can do for you. Should you have something slightly different that you would like to incorporate into the system, then more than likely we have already thought about it and possibly have it ready as an additional solution. Our standard website solution for your skip bin hire company will more than cover your typical online requirements, we are certain of that.


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